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  • Season: All year
  • Days: All week
  • Start/Finish: Negotiable
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Location: Castellana Grotte (Bari)
  • Accompanist: Yes
  • Theme: Territory
  • Price: on request for groups



The emotions of the underground world. NEW PROGRAM

Located 40 km away from Bari, Castellana Caves are considered  to be the most important complex of caves in Italy and Europe: full of of crystalline concretions,of a considerable expansion and a spectacular vastness of its natural galleries, the caves of Puglia have been entrusted with this record.

On January 23 1930, Franco Anelli discovered the Grotte di Castellana. This is a spectacular network of caves carved out by an underground stream and stretching several kilometres underground.

There are two different tours to see the soaring stalactites and stalagmites. The longer of the two, which lasts around two hours, takes visitors into the depths of the White Cave, which is lined with glittering alabaster rock formations. The caves are open daily from 8.30 am in the summer with the last admission at 7pm.

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Tariffs and Conditions


  • on request for groups
  • Extra: Lunch in a restaurant in Castellana Grotte
  • Extra: entrance ticket to the caves
  • Extra: individual tour (1/4 pax)
  • Extra: professional language interpreter or guide
  • Extra: free transfer within 30 km from / to hotel to experience beginning spot.


  • A visit to the speleological system of the Caves of Castellana is expected, with the help of a guide, along two routes very rich in concretions: stalactites, stalagmites, curtains and columns.
  • The short route extends for 1 km and the tour lasts about 50 minutes, starts from the ravine, the first and only communicating cave with the outside, to the Cave of the Precipice.
  • The long route is 3 km long and lasts 2 hours, includes the complete path from the ravine to last cave of this system, the beautiful White Cave, defined as the brightest in the world for the whiteness of its concretions.
  • Free transfer within 30 km from the place of meeting.



  • When booking please specify the place to stay, dates, number of participants, language and location.
  • A personalized offer will follow .






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