The land of Puglia

Il Mare del Gargano

With its 834 km of coastline, Puglia in the Sud of Italy, is the third Italian region for coastal development after Sicily and Sardinia. The coast of Gargano is generally rocky, but has many coves with sandy beaches.
South to Manfredonia, the coast becomes low and sandy up to Barletta, while in the Land of Bari sand and lower rocks alternate, with the exception of Polignano a Mare, located on a spur overhanging.

From Monopoli to Otranto predominates the sandy coast,while along the Adriatic coast of Salento the rocky sights are not rare.
The entire Ionian coast from southern Salento down to the border with Basilicata is instead characterized by white sandy beaches, which in the northern part of the Gulf of Taranto are surrounded by pine forests.

The archipelago of the Tremiti Islands belongs to Puglia, that is located in the north of the Gargano coast, and also some other groups of islands of small dimensions as the Cheradi islands, beside Taranto, and the island of St. Andrew just before the coast of Gallipoli.

Puglia is color, is the sea, is friendship; it's all in the clear mornings and sunsets from the taste of the Orient.
It 's a path through beautiful seascapes, city steeped in art and culture, it is the flavor of beautiful simplicity, it is the sun that you meet at your table, that citrusy scent, sweet and sharp, penetrating the soul, that'll never leave you ever again.

Unpolluted seabeds, crystal clear waters, a thousand shades of lights and colors that will seduce all your senses with a game of conquest: caves that evoke distant legends, half-deserted cliffs that surround the coast, sunny and festive beaches that are packed with people, coves, bays, towers, cliffs sculpted by wind and water.

The time in Puglia passes more slowly,as if the region was wrapped in a web of enchantment and mystery: it is nature that dictates the day, like in a few places that have remained in the world.

Warm summer days are awaits you, when the sea is bouncing on the cliffs and beaches,the unrealistic blue sky, the green of the olive trees, the golden beige sand.
Sunsets where the sun seems to color the sky before breaking up in the water making it even hotter and then the nights, walking along the sandy and wet beaches dotted by a bonfire.

Distant music of some pub is often the cheerful background of the sea, the absolute master of this picture, which lost in the dark contours, stretches along the shore, waiting for the sunrise.

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The sea of Puglia

With its 834 km of coastline, Puglia, is the third Italian region for coastal development after Sicily and Sardinia.The coast of Gargano is generally ...

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Puglia is a region of Southern Italy that homes 4.084.035 inhabitants.The capital of Puglia is Bari. It has borders with Molise,Campania and Basilicata and it's washed by the Adriatic and Ionian seas.It includes the provinces of Bari, Barletta-Andria-Trani, Brindisi, Foggia, Lecce, Taranto.



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