FOOD and WINE in Puglia

The Apulian cuisine is characterized above all by the fact that all the ingredients, both from land and from sea, are precisely designed to enhance the basic flavors of the products used.

The opportunity to enjoy a cuisine based on simple and healthy ingredients: wheat, vegetables, legumes, dressed with extra virgin olive oil.

Puglia,with its 50 million olive trees and counting, occupies the first place regarding the production of olives and olive oil.

The oil that is produced is strictly extra virgin.

The extra virgin oil made from olives from Puglia, depending on what type of olives used, presents different characteristics.

The most delicate quality extra virgin olive oil, golden yellow,that has a sweet taste with mild tingling, is ideal for preparations served raw.
The average type, an intense yellow color, mild flavor and a bit grassy, is suitable for the steamed and salty preparations.
The most intense, greenish yellow color, with a rich fruity aroma and slightly spicy, adapts to barbeques and grillings.

The oil, olives, vegetables and flour based foods that characterize the Apulian cuisine, accompanied by savory herbs and spices such as basil, capers and oregano, is particularly genuine and tasty.

The favorite food type is pasta. Beyond the industrialized production, the tradition of homemade pasta still stands steadfast.

Famous is the Altamura bread, baked in wood-fired ovens, and the orecchiette, semolina pasta from Puglia, that the workshops are still producing by hand.

The typical dish in this area is the orecchiette with the tops of the turnips (small ear-shaped pasta pieces).
Delicious olives in brine and the sweet taste of almonds. The cheeses such as Canestrato from Puglia, or the fresh burrata, a true delicacy of spun paste and cream.

In Puglia you will find all the seasonal vegetables and all products of the Adriatic Sea. You can taste, therefore, vegetables in oil, such as wild onions, artichokes, peppers, mushrooms, eggplants.

Puglia, is the region of Italy with the highest wine production. It's focused heavily on the the revaluation of the vineyard with the enhancement of many indigenous grapes as Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera, Primitivo, grapes of Troy, Bombino black and white.

This means that the overall quality of wines has steadily increased, while maintaining an excellent relationship with the price.
Nowadays, Puglia is the Italian region that produces more wine than ever.
Although still a lot of Puglian wine is used as a blending wine to strengthen the weaker wines, has more vineyards than any other Italian regions, after Sicily and in terms of production, is the leading manufacturer in the country.

Among the products with protected designation of origin (PDO) of Puglia includes:

The orange from Gargano, the silane cheese, the Puglian canestrato, the clementines from the gulf of Taranto, the belle of Daunia (also called the belle of Cerignola), the femminiello lemon from Gargano, the Collina oil from Brindisi, the Dauno oil, the oil from the Land of Bari, the oil from Otranto, the oil from Taranto, the bread of Altamura.

There are many wines from Puglia DOC, DOCG and IGT, to accompany the regional dishes, as well as the DOP extra virgin olive oil.



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Puglia is a region of Southern Italy that homes 4.084.035 inhabitants.The capital of Puglia is Bari. It has borders with Molise,Campania and Basilicata and it's washed by the Adriatic and Ionian seas.It includes the provinces of Bari, Barletta-Andria-Trani, Brindisi, Foggia, Lecce, Taranto.



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